Medication Review- Medscheck

Do your medicines need a review?

Did you know?

Up to 210,000 people are admitted to hospital in Australia each year due to problems with their medication. However, at least 50 per cent of these admissions could have been avoided if their medication was better managed. This can be achieved through a medication review- Meds Check or Diabetes Check- to help you to understand and better manage your medicines.

What is a MedsCheck?

A MedsCheck and Diabetes MedsCheck involves one-on-one time with your pharmacist to do a medication review and discuss your medications. This will allow you and your pharmacist to work together and get the most out of your medicines. There is no cost for the customer.

Why would a MedsCheck be beneficial for you?

A MedsCheck will help you to better manage your medicines by:
• Increasing your knowledge about your medication
• Reducing the risk of avoidable complications
• Increase your confidence in the use of your medications

Consider whether the following apply to you:

• Have you been discharged from hospital recently?
• Have you recently had any changes to your medicines?
• Are you taking several medications?
• Are you sometimes unsure about which medicines you should be taking and how you should be taking them?
• Do your medicines need monitoring? (For example, blood thinning medicines)

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