Making Life Easy

MAKING LIFE EASY- Finding products that improve your life

Many Australians find that their daily tasks or hobbies are difficult to undergo for a wide range of reasons. This can be extremely frustrating. Therefore, many people could benefit from basic assistance to help them in their everyday life.
Making Life Easy (MLE) provides a variety of products available to improve the life of a wide range of people. From amputees to athletes, workplace injuries, arthritis sufferers, stroke patients, falls prevention and more, MLE aims to improve a person’s quality of life and help people maintain their independence.

The solutions are at hand:
Nelson’s Amcal Pharmacy has a wide range of products for categories such as everyday living aids, walking aids, wheelchairs, chairs, support, bathroom and bedroom aids. We have many products already in store, and can order products to suit your needs.

Extra hints for Daily Living:
As you get older, why stop doing the things you enjoy. Find the aids which help you to continue the life you enjoy. Other tips include:
• Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet
• Regular exercise
• Relaxation
• Time with family and friends
• Continue participating in the things you enjoy

For more information come into Nelson’s Amcal Pharmacy today and visit the MLE