Ear Piercing

About our service.

Here at Nelson’s Amcal Pharmacy we offer ear piercing services. This service is provided for anyone over three years old. Our trained staff have two ear piercing guns to provide the opportunity to have both ears pierced at the same time. We only offer piercing to the ear lobe, no other part of the body or ear.


The price for ear piercing is $30.95. This price includes the service, the earrings and antiseptic spray. We also offer an extensive range of earrings to choose from when you come to get your ears pierced.

Care and management advice

How can I manage my ear after they have been pierced and prevent infection? Remember that once you have your ear pierced, care and management of the piercing is very important. Some tips to care for newly pierced ears include:

• Avoid touching the ears as much as possible
• Do not remove the studs from your ears for 6-8 weeks after the piercing is done
• Cleanse the ear lobes with an antiseptic at least twice a day (we will provide you with the antiseptic spray)
• After cleansing the ear, rotate the earrings one to two times and do not try to move the earrings when they are dry
• Be aware of any signs of excessive redness, irritation, itchiness or soreness. If these symptoms appear, consult with your Doctor or Pharmacist

For further advice, call Nelsons Amcal Pharmacy on (03) 9306 8196 or if you are ready, simply call us and make an appointment today!